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A Low Cost Repair List Inspection could save you TIME and MONEY!

There are numerous small repairs in a house that a property owner may not be aware of that can slow down a sale or reduce the house price during negotiations.  Small repairs that if known prior to negotiations the property owner could have repaired at a reasonable price in a timely non-rushed manner allowing negotiations to proceed smoothly.  A repair list inspection from a NYS licensed home inspector can find those small needed repairs without spending the money for a full house inspection.

The Advantages of a Repair List Inspections:


  • Low Cost - A repair list inspection cost less than a full inspection

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  • Inspections can be as simple as you want or a standard pre-listing inspection.

  • You're alerted to safety issues that will show up on the buyer's inspection report which can reduce the property value. 

  • Inspections are done by a NYS licensed Home Inspector.

  • A repair list inspection gives you the time to hire reasonably price contractors or do repairs yourself before the buyer's home inspection saving you money from doing last minute repairs at inflated prices before closing.  

  • A repair list inspection lessens the chance the negotiations will fall apart if a buyer’s inspection reveals numerous problems with the property that the seller was unaware of and could have repaired ahead of time if known.

Low Cost,   Simple inspections,   higher Sale Prices!

Q Home Inspections LLC
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